Dr. ISAENKO Mental health clinic

We value the trust of our patients, which is why the specialists of the Dr. Isaenko conducts dozens of consultations every day, providing professional medical care.

We are united by a common mission and goal – to take care of the health and resource status of all people who seek help.

The high level of knowledge and many years of experience of the doctors of the Dr. Isaenko allow the implementation of modern protocols of psychopharmacotherapy, the use of international standards of treatment.

  • The first mental health clinic in Ukraine
  • Author’s methods of therapy created by our doctors
  • Individual approach to each guest
  • Calling a psychiatrist, neurologist, therapist at home

Meet our team

Isaenko Svitlana Volodymyrivna
Isaenko Svitlana VolodymyrivnaPsychiatrist, psychotherapist
Turnanba Ilona
Turnanba IlonaSenior administrator
Nataliya Serhiivna Shilina
Nataliya Serhiivna ShilinaPsychiatrist
Julia Andriivna Starodubtseva
Julia Andriivna StarodubtsevaPsychiatrist, psychotherapist
Viktoriya Anatolyivna Kozhevnikova
Viktoriya Anatolyivna KozhevnikovaPathopsychologist, psychotherapist
Bovt Yulia Viktorivna
Bovt Yulia ViktorivnaNeurologist
Lyudmila Petrivna Zabrodina
Lyudmila Petrivna ZabrodinaNeurophysiologist
Lyudmila Igorivna Bilyk
Lyudmila Igorivna BilykNeurologist
Shoemaker Yulia Oleksiivna
Shoemaker Yulia OleksiivnaPsychiatrist
Lypynska Yana Volodymyrivna
Lypynska Yana VolodymyrivnaNeurologist, рефлексотерапевт
Rudenko Tetiana Anatolyivna
Rudenko Tetiana AnatolyivnaTherapist-cardiologist, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics
Georgiyivska Nataliya Volodymyrivna
Georgiyivska Nataliya VolodymyrivnaPsychiatrist, psychotherapist, sexologist, narcologist
Anna Mykhailivna Kozhina
Anna Mykhailivna KozhinaPsychiatrist, psychotherapist, medical psychologist
Maryna Mykolaivna Marchenko
Maryna Mykolaivna MarchenkoPsychiatrist
Iryna Skadchenko
Iryna SkadchenkoNurse
Danylo Ihorovych Pylov
Danylo Ihorovych PylovAn endocrinologist is a therapist
Ivanova Yuliya Mykhailivna
Ivanova Yuliya MykhailivnaPsychologist
Berezhny Herman Gennadiyovych
Berezhny Herman GennadiyovychPsychiatrist
Viktor Ruslanovych Ostapenko
Viktor Ruslanovych OstapenkoPsychoanalyst
Serik Iryna Viktorivna
Serik Iryna ViktorivnaMasseur
Inna Bocharnikova
Inna BocharnikovaAdministrator
Svitlichna Anastasia
Svitlichna AnastasiaAdministrator